MotoGP Americas: Rossi: We understand something important. 22 Apr 2017

Valentino Rossi enjoyed his best Friday of the 2017 MotoGP season with fourth on the timesheets in Austin. Most significantly the Italian, hobbled by front-end movement throughout winter testing and practice at the opening two races, feels they have finally found a base setting and 'understa

MotoGP Americas: A Rossi Rush-style movie? 'Maybe with Biaggi'. 20 Apr 2017

Max Biaggi, Sete Gibernau, Casey Stoner, Jorge Lorenzo, Marc Marquez… Valentino Rossi has had plenty of title rivals during his 18 seasons in 500cc/MotoGP. But if one of those rivalries was to be made into a film, such as the James Hunt and Niki Lauda confrontation immortalised in R

MotoGP Argentina, Rossi: how far am I from the win? ask Vinales. 10 Apr 2017

We shouldn't be surprised any more, Valentino is Sunday man, or race man if you prefer.

MotoGP Argentina, Rossi: 7th? it could have been worse. 09 Apr 2017

“in FP3 we made some quite big changes to the bike and I felt better, but then it started to rain and we couldn't do any more - he explains - Luckily it continued to rain in the afternoon too, but I'm not as incisive in the wet as I was last year”.

MotoGP Argentina, Rossi: the problems we had in testing are back. 07 Apr 2017

The light that shone bright in Qatar seems to have flickered out in Argentina and Valentino is left in the shadows. His 16th time, one second from team-mate Vinales, paints a revealing picture - the Doctor clearly faces an uphill climb.

MotoGP Argentina, Rossi: the 2016 tyre is back? I wasn't the only one with problems. 06 Apr 2017

Time passes for everyone, Valentino included, although his elixir of eternal youth seems to be working perfectly, as proved by his podium finish in Qatar ten days ago. In Argentina he's reaching a milestone that no-one's celebrated before now: Grand Prix race number 350.

MotoGP Qatar, Rossi: Not even I would have bet on my podium. 27 Mar 2017

“If I had been asked to bet money on a podium for me before the race, I don’t know if I would have done it, maybe just a few Euros”. Valentino is honest after the umpteenth of a long series of enterprises. Rossi was coming off a disastrous winter.

MotoGP, Qatar GP: qualifiers cancelled, starting order to follow the FP times. 26 Mar 2017

At 8:10 PM the news arrived: no bikes will go out on the track at Losail; the qualifiers will not be held. The circuit is in poor conditions, with parts completely dry and others flooded.

MotoGP, Rossi: for now I don't have the pace to come back from behind. 26 Mar 2017
None of the riders cast any doubt on the Race Direction’s decision to cancel the qualifiers. Even Valentino was categorical: “It was the right choice.

MotoGP Qatar: Front issues remain, Rossi sets sight on second group. 25 Mar 2017

“We are still quite far and not very strong,” he conceded. The time sheets showed 1.098s of difference between him and the front too, as the main area of discomfort - Michelin's softer front tyre suffering from excessive movement on entry – remain. 


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