MotoGP Spielberg, Rossi: If Yamaha listens to me, things will go better. 12 Aug 2017

To understand whether Valentino is satisfied with his weekend, both free practice sessions and the qualifiers need to be placed on the scales.

MotoGP Spielberg, Rossi: Everyone is fast... except me. 11 Aug 2017

Valentino Rossi did not get off on the right foot for the GP of Austria. After the Brno tests, he had built a little castle of certainty for himself which, however, crumbled on the Red Bull Ring. Not much went right today and the 13th final time is demonstration of this.

MotoGP Brno, Rossi: The team and I were dunces. 06 Aug 2017

One way or another, when there is a flag-to-flag race, Valentino and his team screw something up.

MotoGP, Rossi: Honda worries me, Marquez the favourite. 05 Aug 2017

For the third consecutive time Valentino will start ahead of his team-mate Vinales, so since using the new frame. In the first part of the season, Rossi was struggling against Vinales in terms of the flying lap, but now the situation seems to be reversed.

MotoGP Brno, Rossi: bad position but good sensations. 04 Aug 2017

Looking at the time sheets, Valentino Rossi’s first day at Brno, at least on the dry track, seems to have been a disaster. His name is in 14th place, a full second behind the leader. However, sometimes appearances are misleading. At least that’s what the Doctor says.

MotoGP Brno, Rossi: starting from zero? I'm starting from -10. 03 Aug 2017

The Brno GP is a special one for Valentino, where he scored his first win 21 years ago. A memory surely imprinted on the Doctor's mind, who might be getting older but only in terms of his ID card. Like a chameleon, Rossi has been able to adapt as times have changed.

MotoGP Germany, Rossi: Without the new frame it would have been a Waterloo. 02 Jul 2017

Can you be happy with a 5th place finish? Yes, if you started out fearing the worst and you are heading into the holiday break with a gap of only 10 points behind the championship leader who, in the meantime, is now Marquez.

MotoGP Germany, Rossi: with these Michelins we start over every GP. 01 Jul 2017

Not a day goes by without the riders stating how unpredictable the MotoGP is this year and “today we had another surprise, the sensations with the tyres and bike continuously change” reflects Valentino, 9th in a wet qualifying.

MotoGP Germany, Rossi: slow in both the wet and the dry. 30 Jun 2017

I've managed to go quite slowly in both the wet and the dry”, Valentino tries to see the ironic side but he doesn't much feel like laughing. In the morning he was 16th, the afternoon in the rain 15th, definitely not what he expected.

Rossi: if I can still win, I'll continue after 2018. 30 Jun 2017

Valentino Rossi's name continues to be linked to that of Peter Pan as, like the star of Barrie's novels, the Doctor refuses to grow old, in his case thanks to a magical passion for riding bikes.


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