Vale: target World Championship and pure 10 records to break.


 Vale: target World Championship and pure 10 records to break.

    After 8 titles the champion from Tavullia is still not satiated. And this season, which starts in Qatar, he looks for other, unusual aims.

    Valentino Rossi doesn’t need some stimulus to fight with Casey Stoner again and to reconfirm MotoGP champion. However, to tickle the appetite, we list 10 records, that Valentino could improve this year.

    1 – If he achieves 4th title with Yamaha, Valentino will detach Eddie Lawson, Wayne Rainey and Kenny Roberts, who with the same Japanese brand, endd with 3. 

    2 – Valentino is already record-holder of all the times as to gaining points: until now he has gathered 3,720 and precedes in this classification Loris Capirossi (2,993) and Max Biaggi (2,892). Now, with next 280 points, he can reach amount of 4 thousands. A last year’s feat, which is considered as impossible, has closed (?) the championship with 373 points, while in 2006 and 2007 it had been stopped to 241 and 247.

    3 – Rossi with 151 podiums is only eight length (?) from absolute record of Giacomo Agostini. Excluded the year when he made debut in 125, when he obtained only 2 podiums, in successive 12 seasons Rossi always conquers at least 8 podiums in season, reached also 16 in 2003 and 2005. Therefore this record is in his capability.

    4 – In classification of pole positions achieved in three classes, Rossi is third with 51, proceeds Max Biaggi (56) and Mick Doohan (58). The goal seems to be within range of Rossi from a couple of years, but with Yamaha he has never obtained more than five poles in season and in 2008 he had only 2. It has to be surpassed.

    5 – Valentino already holds the record of consecutive podiums: 23 (embellished with 13 victories) realized between 2002 and 2004. Now, he starts again the hunt thanks to fact that he bejeweled second part of season with 9 podiums in a row (with 7 victories).

    6 – Last year Valentino attended and pointed in every grand prix contests (a record that was achieved in 2003). If he repeats it this year, he will be first rider in royal class, who reaches similar result.

    7 – In classification of fast laps in royal class Rossi is second with 57, proceeds Giacomo Agostini, who realized 69. In order to catch up it, Rossi has to repeat the 2003 performance with Honda, when he collected 12, competed in only 16 races.

    8 – With regard to records of poles in royal class, Rossi (41) follows Mick Doohan (58). It can be hard to beat, considering that Rossi has never achieved more than 9 poles in one season (with Honda in 2003).

    9 – Consecutive victories in Mugello: Rossi can have 8 and chase Giacomo Agostini, who had 9 in Imatra (Finland) in 1965-1973.

    10 – Victories in Italy. In royal class Rossi is second with 8 victories, 7 in Mugello and one in Misano, achieved last year. If he succeeds in Misano and Mugello, Rossi will manage to catch Mick Doohan who won 6 times in Mugello, 3 in Imola and 1 in Misano. 

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