Rossi: ‘Sic’ wanted to be Lawson.

On the eve of the event celebrating Marco Simoncelli's 25th birthday, many were wondering if Valentino Rossi would be attending. When away from the track the Ducati rider generally tries to avoid the spotlight, and so when he did indeed show up at the celebration, he tried to slip in as quietly and inconspicuously as possible. He made sure to share a hug with Paolo Simoncelli, definitely ending any rumors of strife between them, and of course the media eventually managed to track him down. 

    "Marco was famous for his ironic sense of humor, so it's only right that this celebration had that feel to it. It was a moving an emotional night. First we laughed so hard that we cried, and then we just plain cried. It was the best way to honor him. It would be nice to have a celebration like this every year."

    Rossi also commented on clip of Marco Simoncelli telling his father "I want to win on a motorcycle like l'orso (which means 'the bear' in Italian, ed.)" "I think Marco was trying to say Lawson - Valentino speculated - Because his father was a big fan of Lawson's."

    Despite being eight years apart in age, Rossi and Simoncelli were very close friends. "Sic was a real Romagnolo (from the Romagna region, ed.), with a huge passion for motorcycles. The kids from my generation were always having fun on two wheels, and Marco was like that as well."

    Like many other riders in MotoGP, the 'Doctor' will honor 'Sic's' memory while on track. "I'll use the helmet dedicated to him, even if only during the tests. But these things only count for so much. The important thing is that Marco will always be with me, like he will be with all of you." 

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