Rossi: if I can still win, I'll continue after 2018.

Valentino Rossi's name continues to be linked to that of Peter Pan as, like the star of Barrie's novels, the Doctor refuses to grow old, in his case thanks to a magical passion for riding bikes. After more than 21 years of racing, he is still able to win, beating opponents who could almost be his children.

Valentino will definitely continue to race until the end of 2018, but next season might not be his last in fact.

When I signed this contract I thought it might be my last, but I wasn't sure - he commented during a Dorna interview - It will depend on many things, I'll decide early next season but if I'm still competitive and able to win, I'll continue”.

So he may celebrate 40 in the world he loves the most. Also because his passion is still going strong, despite the many seasons he's clocked up.

When there are good results, it all gets easier - he explained - My passion for bikes and for competing at the top level is still great and pays off, you forget all the effort, the hours spent at airports and travelling”.


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