Rossi from the past to 2009 "The championship? A fight".

"I start with number 1 and I will have to defend it against new and old opponents", Vale says, then speaks about his most beautiful GP: "Unforgettable Mugello 2003, I beat Capirossi and Biaggi. But also the exploit of Phillip Island…". 

"The championship will be surely hard, I start with number 1 and I will have to defend it for whole season from the new ones and the old opponents. I hope to repeat the fantastic 2008 season. I like new Yahama, it (she! ) is fast and guarantees optimal performances. We will be surely competitive for the victory", speaks Rossi. First of plunge spirit and body in the MotoGP championship on the way on 12th April in Qatar, he has made a jump in the past in order to charge himself to duty. The "excuse" is the retrospective/flashback on his 10 most beautiful contests that ESPN Classic sends in wave from Monday 6th April. Is that in Britain??

MEMORIES - "The victory in Mugello in 2003 is unforgettable. Capirossi, Biaggi and I were the fastest that year. It was moving win in Italy in front of two compatriots, Capirossi hadn’t, above all, let go till the end, but I had made it also in spite of hot. That one in Mugello is probably my favourite track". Other track very happy for Vale is Phillip Island. "The success took place there in 2001 and 2004 championships, including 2008, those are surely most beautiful ones of my career. In 2001 I had to see Biaggi, I overtook him in famous curve 9, a blind curve to make rigorously in third gear. In 2004, first year in Yahama, the same curve and same overtaking from thrill to the damages this time with Sete Gibernau, my opponent of all the year".

SPEED - For/as end, the Doctor revealed which half he preprefers to prove/test "the sense of the speed" (apart from MotoGP, Vale in fact has piloted with the maximum assurance official WRC rally car and Formula 1 Ferrari): "My choice always falls back on the motorcycle. The single-seater of F1 is more tough then MotoGP, not a lot in the back straight where also the motorcycle, perhaps, makes more fear, but in curve where the car from GP has a really impressive speed".

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