MotoGP, Rossi: for now I don't have the pace to come back from behind.

None of the riders cast any doubt on the Race Direction’s decision to cancel the qualifiers. Even Valentino was categorical: “It was the right choice. Going out on the track in those conditions would have been very dangerous.” That does not change the fact that missing the last free practice session and the qualifiers took a heavier toll on some than on others and Rossi is in the first group.
“Sure, it was a problem for me because I was behind in the standings and with a less than fantastic pace. I needed to try a few things - he admits – I'm sure that I would have been able to improve my position today, whether on a dry or wet track.”
Instead, destiny had other plans.
“The biggest problem is that I will be starting from the fourth row and that makes everything more difficult - he continued - Tomorrow we will have a half hour in the warm up to see if we can be faster. What do I need? Just to improve my lap time.”
Valentino speaks in jest, but he was telling the truth.
“At the moment I do not have the pace to come back from behind. We just need to work hard and see if we are able to progress”, he said.
As for the chaotic day today, you have to give in to the weather.
“Today there was nothing else to be done. Quite simply, this track was not designed to race with water - Valentino explained - A week ago they discovered the problem, but it takes more than a few days to solve it; it takes months. For this year it is what it is. We can only hope for the best for the race.”
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