MotoGP Catalunya: Rossi ‘worried’ by engine woe, but Mugello ‘unlucky’.

Valentino Rossi does not expect any further consequences following Yamaha's engine issues at Mugello. The Italian was forced out of his race in cloud of smoke, while fighting for the lead, leaving him 37 points behind team-mate and title leader Jorge Lorenz o heading into this weekend's Catalunya round. 

Lorenzo had suffered an almost identical engine problem in morning warm-up and a Yamaha investigation revealed the failure were caused by the way the rev limiter worked on the new standard ECU software. 

“In motorsport when an engine is broken it is always like this; an electronic issue or a one-dollar part!” Rossi joked. 

“I think Mugello is always 'particular', with the jump at the end of the straight, with a lot of RPM. It looks like the rev limiter is not very precise like last year and with the small jump that the bike does on the hill maybe the RPM got too high and broke the engine. 

“It was a great shame. But I think and I hope it don't happen for the rest of the season.” 

Asked if he was convinced by Yamaha's explanation or worried that the engineers may reduce the M1's engine performance following the failures, the Italian replied: 

“This year we have seven engines, two more than last year, but we have to be worried [by what happened]. But in Yamaha they are quiet and I think that more or less the bike will be the same. 

“Maybe we lose some RPM. Maybe. But I'm not sure. I think that the performance will be the same - also because the other engines that have already been used have a lot of kilometres and they are okay. 

“So it was something unlucky at Mugello.” 

As of Mugello, Rossi and Lorenzo had both opened 3 of their 7 engines, all of which must be of the same specification. 


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