MotoGP Catalunya, Rossi: one more week and I'll be 100%.

Valentino comes to Barcelona in less than perfect physical shape after his MX accident. “My condition is improving but I need another week before I'll be 100%” he sums up. He will need to grit his teeth once again, before taking a deserved break ahead of the Assen GP.

How do you feel after the Italian GP?
“I'm still in some pain, my shoulder was a problem but I've been able to train. I've tried to build up my stamina, it was hard at first but it's got better. I wasn't in pain while riding at Mugello, but I might struggle more with the race distance. We'll see if I'm able to avoid taking painkillers this weekend”.

Your Yamaha seems OK now, is the limitation purely physical?
“Aside from Jerez, I've been quite competitive in the races and the last two, the bike went really well. We'll see what happens here, Mugello is one of the toughest tracks physically-speaking, here it should be easier".

You won last year…
“I'd really like to repeat that race (he laughs) but it's difficult to predict for now”.

What do you think about the new chicane?
“I went out on track to see it and I don't think it will make a big difference, we'll need to see how it is on the bike. The worst thing are any changes in asphalt on entering and exiting the S bends”.

The riders who have tested here spoke about a poor track surface.
“Yes, they told me. There's little grip and this leads to tyre deterioration when they slide. I think that those who can conserve the tyres will be the fastest for the race”.

Regarding tyres, Marquez said the asymmetric front isn't needed here.
“It's hard to say before going out on track. At Mugello I was a bit nervous about using it, but then Dovi won the race with that tyre”.

Changing the subject, Iannone has said he'd like you as his coach, what do you think?
“Me as Cadalora for Andrea? I thank him for the thought, but with the Academy I already have a lot on and don't know if I'd have time, not even when I stop racing”.


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