Frequently Asked Questions

“In my opinion, a motorcycle has to be visible from far away. A rider must be recognized and for this reason yellow is the perfect color. It’s the color of energy as well as the sun. It’s a happy color, like me”.

“The name Valentinik comes from a cosmic strip featuring Donald Duck (in Italian he is known as Paperino). In the story, he turns into Super Donald (or Paperinik), sporting a mask and cape. But he’s not a super-hero like Superman – actually, he’s doesn’t have any luck and wreaks havoc everywhere, but he is really funny and likeable. So that’s how “Valentinik” came into being”.

“You see, there are many Doctor Rossi in Italy (an honorary title given to people who obtain a doctorate in medicine, law, etc.). It’s something you can boast about because you become a fully-fledged “Doctor”. It is like having the equivalent of a Ph.D in racing, which is something positive – it means that person knows what they’re doing”.

“I like the sun and the moon because from a graphic standpoint, they are beautiful, and they evoke day and night, beauty and the beast, the good and the bad, the angel and the devil… That’s how I feel, I have my darker side, aggressive and mean, like all good riders…”.

“Rossifumi was my first nickname because I was a big fan of Japanese riders, especially Norifumi Abe. So that’s how I got to be called Rossifumi”.

“This is the number my father had when he won his first Grand Prix race in the 250cc, in 1979. It is also the number of a Japanese wild card who I thought was simply out standing.I decided to use 46 because I happen to like it”.

“Alessio Salucci whom everyone calls Uccio, is my best friend in the entire world. We know each other so well that I don’t even have to speak. Just one look and we understand each other perfectly”.

“Like many motorcycle riders, I am very superstitious! In Italy, it’s also a big part of our culture. Over the course of my career in motorcycle racing, I’ve picked up several rituals and I perform them every time in the same order without forgetting one of them. For example, I always put on one glove then the other, I stretch out, then bend my knees. There are hundreds of these gestures and some of them are much more personal and I prefer not to reveal them…”.

“In Italian “Viva La Figa!” (Viva pussy!). This is a typically Italian expression that you find written on just about everything: walls, toilets. People even greet each other that way!”.

Weight: 67 kg. Height: 182 cm.

Born in Urbino, Italy on February 16, 1979, at 18.20 PM. Weight: 3.79 kg. First steps taken on January 7, 1980.

“My favorite is the Mugello, Barcelona and Phillip Island tracks”.

“Music is very important to me. I listen to music all the time. My favorite one is Vasco Rossi, Italian”.

“I absolutely love it! My favorite team is Inter”.

“I love to eat, especially pasta like spaghetti carbonara! I love Italian and Japanese cuisine, but I also like Spanish cooking, meat, ham, fish”.

“I’m a big fan of the cinema, especially old war films or action-packed ones. But not Italian movies, they’re hopeless. I also like movies that make me laugh and favorite one is The Blues Brothers”.

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