About site and author.

     First of all I would like to write the history of this website. 

     Long time ago I decided to create a site without any concrete purpose; I’ve registered a name on a free server, added the information about myself, but then I’ve left it. I didn’t know what to fill a website with, and I decided to put there photos of Valentino. Then I wanted to add to photos the biography, then interesting facts from his career, and so it began… 

     Not long after I understood what will be my site about, and I began to extend it. And after a certain period of time I began to receive letters of even motorcycle races fans, as I am.

     I will digress a little from the theme to tell you one interesting thing.

     Ones I wondered about the date of birth of my website, and that’s why I wrote a letter to that free server admin, asking this question. When I have received his answer first I thought that it was a joke. In the answer it had been told that the date of my website registration was the 16th of February 2002, and it’s right exactly birthday of that famous Valentino! 

For me it was a big surprise, because when I was registered on this server, I hadn’t any thoughts to create the site exactly about the motorcycle racer. I’ve got down to business seriously and now you can see the real website about Valentino Rossi which I will continue to improve.:) 

     And now a little bit about myself:

     My name is Maria, I was born in Togliatti (Russia), and I have been living in Italy since 2005. 

     I am the member of the Tavullia Official Fan Club Valentino Rossi 

     I’ve been taking a great interest in the world of motor and motorcycle racing since my early years, especially in MotoGP, Formula-1, Superbike, Moto Trial and WRC. I like to watch Dakar. 

     In MotoGP I support Valentino Rossi, of course; in Moto3 I am a fan of Enea Bastianini and SKY Racing Team VR46; in Moto2 - of Luca Marini, Thomas Luthi and SKY Racing Team VR46. 

     In F-1 I support the team McLaren. In Moto Trial I support Adam Raga. 

     I try as often as possible visit racing, it is ineffable feeling, that couldn’t be expressed with simple words. 

     Till the present moment I succeeded in visiting:
    MotoGP: Le Mans 2002, Assen 2003, Brno 2004, Mugello 2006, Mugello 2007, Misano 2007, Mugello 2008, Laguna Seca 2008, Misano 2008, Mugello 2009, Misano 2009, Mugello 2010, Misano 2010, Estoril 2010, Valencia 2010, Mugello 2011, Misano 2011, Mugello 2012, Misano 2012, Mugello 2013, Misano 2013, Mugello 2014, Misano 2014, Mugello 2015, Misano 2015, Mugello 2016, Misano 2016. 

    Formula-1: Monaco 2002, Nurburgring 2003, Melbourne 2004, Sepang 2004, Monza 2012, Spielberg 2014. 

    Moto Trial: St.-Petersburg 2003. 

     In addition I like the Italian football (I am a fan of Juventus) and also I like to travel, to go in for sport and to make photos.

     This website means for me really a lot. I would like new and new people came here - not only Valentino Rossi’s ardent fans, but also fans of all the world of motorcycle races – to increase our quantity as much as possible! 

     I hope that the site helped you to find interesting information and you will come here again, and I in turn will try to make you pleasant surprises again and again. 

If you have any questions, please write me: admin@thedoctor.ru


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